Other Details

  • ABN 34-682-998-690
  • Incorporation Number - INC9885191
  • Authority to Fundraise Number - CFN/20350

Raise The Gong is a registered health promotion charity and deductible gift recipient. We hold an Authority to Fundraise in the state of NSW.




















General Meetings

General meetings for all members are held three times per year, plus the Annual General Meeting. All members of Raise The Gong are invited to attend and bring along ideas!!

Annual Reports

Read the Annual Reports of Raise The Gong Inc. to find out what has been going on in our organisation. Comments and suggestions are welcomed - click here to e-mail us.

Our Constitution

The Constitution is the governing document for the organisation. It contains information about our purposes, policies, rules and responsibilities. We also have Code of Conduct that all members should abide by.