Chemo Care Kits

The Raise The Gong Chemo Care Kit program aims to provide local women with products and resources to assist them when they start chemotherapy for the first time.

Kits are available free of charge to Illawarra women receiving treatment.

Please contact us on 0448 515 862 or for further information.




Although we would dearly love to assist all women, everywhere, Raise The Gong is a small, volunteer-run organisation with limited funding.

Chemo Care Kits can only be distributed to:
  • women living in, and receiving treatment in the Illawarra region
  • women who have just begun or about to commence chemotherapy treatment
  • women who are entering into chemotherapy for the first time
We hope that in the future, as this project grows, we will be able to distribute Chemo Care Kits to more women.