Where does your money go?


Raise The Gong is a charity committed to keeping all our funds local. It is an organisation run by local volunteers, and although we have a strong focus on women's cancers and supporting cancer services, we are involved in a variety of health promotion activities and programs in the region. 

  • All funds raised by Raise The Gong stay local, to benefit women and others in our community

  • Most of our funds go towards developing and distributing our Chemo Care Kits - it takes $25 to make just one kit, and we need to raise around $16,000 per year to keep this program running

  • We regularly hold community events, such as Stress Less Sunday, that benefit everybody! Your donations contribute to these great events

  • From time to time we also support individual women in need


Raise The Gong rely on your donations to keep us going! You can donate by clicking on the link below for a secure payment via PayPal. Alternatively you can send us cheques or direct deposit funds into our donations account (details below). Donations of $2.00 and more are tax deductible!

Thank you for supporting Raise The Gong!

Donations Account


Raise The Gong

BSB:  641 800

Acc: 200 646 398


Please ensure you forward your name, address and details of payment to fundraising@raisethegong.org.au

so a tax-deductible receipt can be issued.


Please post any donation cheques or money orders to

P. O. Box 1893, Wollongong NSW 2500