Why do we do what we do?

In honour and memory of those women we have lost, and who inspired us to help others like them.

Raise The Gong dedicates this page to those we have lost, whom we miss dearly.

It is for these people that we do what we do, and work hard to assist others suffering from cancer and other illness.

Raise The Gong appreciates donations in memory of these people.

Please visit our Donations page for details of how to contribute.

In Memory....

Silvana Cappetta Silvana was the inspiration for Raise The Gong. Silvana was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and her daughter, Chelsea and some of her closest friends - who also had lost a parent to cancer - decided to start their own charity. Raise The Gong was established in 2006 as a health promotion charity committed to improving the health and well-being of local women, particularly those suffering from cancer.

Silvana went into remission but was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2009, and fought a tough battle for two years, passing away on Mothers Day 2011 with her family and beloved friends around her.

Silvana was an inspiration to all who met her - brave, strong, loving and with a wonderful sense of humour which she held until the last hours of her life. She is a great loss to the world, and will be missed.

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1/1/1950 - 8/5/2011

Julie Ivanovski Julie was known for her unforgettable smile, generous heart and life of the party personality.

Julie was diagnosed with advanced Stage 4 cancer in December 2011, a week after her 35th birthday.

She immediately started chemotherapy and underwent many surgeries. As her cancer was extremely aggressive, Julie wasn't given much time to fight, but did so with an amazing strength and grace.

On 21st Feburary 2012, after days of being surrounded by family and friends, Julie passed away.

Julie's strength will forever inspire everyone that loved her and she is remembered with a smile.
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14/12/76 - 21/2/2012

Marcia Joy Osborne

Fought the good fight from 39-53.
After discovering a lump, undergoing surgery , chemo and radiation treatment she spent the next 15 years living life the best way she knew how!
Spoiling the people she loved. We always wondered how such a big heart could fit into such a small body- Marcia was all HEART!

People often say the first year is the hardest and it gets easier as time goes by but for those who knew my mum she is missed more with every day that we cannot hear her unique voice , girlish laugh ,timely advice and heart felt support or see her  cheeky grin, loving smile and pretty face.
She is missed more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow ,she will live on in our hearts forever!

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13/6/1956 - 7/4/2010